The Angel's Share

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Down One

We launched M&G one year ago armed mostly with bourbon and chutzpah. We had a lot of experience in planning and organizing and a little Kentucky knowledge, and a passion that made us willing to see how far that would all get us. We were prepared for the answer to be a resounding, "Not very!" but we had a hunch about the industry we were longing to call home.

In one year, we've created events and experiences at dozens of distilleries serving hundreds of people, expanded our team, and appeared in national and local press. We've downed more than we'd tell our mamas, and we've confirmed our suspicion that bourbon is the best industry anyone could ever be privileged enough to call home.

In year two, M&G is committed to expanding our offerings slowly and deliberately with one goal in mind: to show people across the country why Kentucky is the coolest can't-miss destination of a lifetime, and to bring you here to experience it for yourselves. From the incredible food to the history to the sights to the birthplace and home of America's official native spirit, we want you to see firsthand why we love it here - and once you do, we know for a fact you'll be back. 

In that spirit, we welcome you to The Angel's Share, where we'll give you news and updates, highlight the best of bourbon country, and try to watch our language. Pour some sweet tea or spike your lemonade and consider this your front porch view of our favorite place on earth.

Matson Gilman