Terms & Conditions





Refunds: In-full payments are due upon itinerary agreement. Partial refunds may be available up to 21 days in advance of trip. Hard costs (including up-front food order and ticket costs) cannot be reimbursed.
Individual Travel Refunds: Due to group rates as procured by Matson&Gilman on behalf of our clients, should individual travelers drop out after final itinerary is approved, refunds will be made on a case-by-case basis. Should individual travelers cancel less than 21 days prior to arrival, no refunds will be made.


Matson&Gilman is committed to offering our clients the highest quality services. Should weather or safety necessitate shifts in itinerary, we will review with you on a case-by-case basis.


Should anyone in your party be underage, the client will alert Matson&Gilman before final itinerary approval and we will work with you to build a safe, legal and enjoyable trip for your party. By purchasing your trip without such notice, you acknowledge that everyone in your party is of legal drinking age and legally allowed to consume alcohol.


All customer participants must agree to indemnify and hold Matson&Gilman, its insurers, affiliates and concierges harmless for any injury or death arising from touring bourbon facilities, car service use or the use of drugs, consumption of alcohol or unauthorized touring in facilities not cleared by Matson&Gilman. Matson&Gilman and its concierges and drivers are not held accountable for any injury caused by malfunction of a vehicle that is either owned, maintained or rented by Matson&Gilman. In the case of an injury, the client remains responsible for any negligent acts committed by the client that may result in harm to the passenger and fellow clients.


Matson&Gilman prohibits erratic and unsafe behaviors. "Erratic and unsafe behaviors" includes but is not limited to excessive drinking of alcohol, unsafe practices at distilleries, damaging the vehicles, willful defiance of the concierges and drivers (in regards to safety), sexual harassment, physical and verbal violence and so on. It is the right of Matson&Gilman concierge and drivers to judge erratic behavior as they deem fit for the situation. Should client/s engage in such behaviors, client/s may be removed from trip. Client/s will not be refunded and will be responsible for any and all additional financial costs incurred if they are required to depart before the end of the trip. 


Clients who wish to not be photographed must inform Matson&Gilman in advance. Photographs may be used for Matson&Gilman purposes for website and other marketing operations. Matson&Gilman is not responsible for internet circulation of images via social media or other outlets outside the photo content on the website.

code of conduct


During your Trip:

  • Close-toed shoes are required at all distillery tours;

  • IDs are required at all distillery tours (if you can use it to buy alcohol, or board a plane, you can use it at a distillery); and

  • Weather appropriate dress is important because so many tours include outdoor portions. Our concierges will send you a note before your tour with some general weather recommendations, but please make sure your group checks the weather before they arrive.

At Distilleries:

Matson&Gilman considers our clients guests of the distilleries from the time they enter to the time they depart the facility. Distilleries are, by and large, working factories, so the staff is required to ensure that you can safely navigate the premises. Should a distillery employee determine that you are unable or unwilling to be responsible and safe during your tour, they do have the right to remove you from a tour group. Should any Matson&Gilman client be removed from a distillery tour at the distillery's will, we reserve the right to remove them from any further tours during their trip.

In Our Vehicles:

When you travel with Matson&Gilman and use one of our car+driver provisions, we ask that you be respectful of the driver and responsible within the vehicle. Matson&Gilman and associated concierges have the right to suspend the activity and participation of a client on any Matson&Gilman trip if behavior is erratic, unsafe, belligerent, or does not comply with safety procedures as determined and communicated by Matson&Gilman concierge or driver.

Our Staff:

The Matson&Gilman team works to make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Whether our concierges are traveling with your group to ensure everything goes smoothly, or our drivers are providing quick and safe transport, we require that all members of your party treat those staff members with dignity and respect. Please consider the many lovely, hardworking people at restaurants and distilleries across Kentucky our partners and extend them the same courtesies. Matson&Gilman maintains a zero tolerance policy towards racist, sexist, homophobic or derogatory comments from or directed towards any partners or staff along your stay; should you encounter a problem, please alert a concierge or driver immediately. Matson&Gilman will work diligently to insure that each client has a safe, once-in-a-lifetime experience during their time in bourbon country.