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"We love Matson & Gilman, a boutique tour operator that can plan your entire trip, concierge-style, or just offer a professional local guide and driver... the tour company specializes in high-end, individualized experiences."

-"Spending Two Perfect Days in Kentucky Bourbon Country"
Forbes Travel Guide, McLean Robbins | 12.21.16
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"The former New Yorkers say they were able to start their
bourbon-tour-and-tasting business only because the subsidies
offered under the law have enabled them to get
covered and pursue their business."

-"A Flashpoint in the Battle to Repeal
and Replace Obamacare"

CNBC, Kate Rogers | 5.23.17

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"Paying tribute to two high-spirited women who made history rebelling in the name of whiskey, Esther Matson and Livinia Gilman, is only appropriate for a duo that aims to share in defining the future of America’s native spirit by making visitors rethink everything they thought they knew about Kentucky – one trip at a time.

Where is Matson & Gilman headed? Stipp says they’re measuring their success in their own way: “Have we been able to open up new conversations about bourbon, bring new people into bourbon … bring more people of color onto the trail? … How many more people can Matson & Gilman reach in whatever way works?” It sounds like, in due time, Fred Minnick might find himself adding a Soligan and Stipp chapter to his next book about the history of whiskey women."

"Matson & Gilman are Your Ambassadors to the Kentucky Experience"
The Voice Tribune,
Minda Honey | 4.26.17

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"The trip was a blast!
Thank you so much for everything!"




"Just when you think travel agents are a dying breed, they revamp the industry by focusing on a specific community.
Offering bourbon tours of local distilleries, bachelor/bachelorette events, suggested itineraries, etc... those wanting a glimpse of the Ville and surrounding areas should definitely use them!"

-"Speak & Bespoke Night with
Yelp Elite Louisville" | 
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"Everything was great!
I look forward to coming back to Bourbon Country
and using M&G again to plan my trip."




"Like most trips that you take,
having a company to sort out things that you might
want to do
is extra helpful... especially with our super-sized bourbon industry."

-"Speak & Bespoke Night with
Yelp Elite Louisville" | 
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"fantastic, let's do it

again right now!"


"LOVED the Clayton & Crume private belt class - it was a highlight of the trip. My fiance refuses to take his off!"


"Copper & Kings was super cool and loved the Oktoberfest party too - thanks for helping us get tickets to that!"