Our People

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Us: Matson & Gilman

M&G was founded by two women who fell in love with bourbon late, but forever. Whether you're a huge fan, wouldn't touch the stuff or just a little bourbon-curious, we get you and we're here for you.

We have bona fides too! We are Executive Bourbon Stewards through the Stave&Thief Society & are TIPS trained to make sure you are enjoying all your drinks and samples responsibly.

Our Website Ninjas: Brian & Eric

Collectively, they are: [Word.] - and these two NYC-based website warriors pump out awesome work whether knee-deep in city sewage or laptop lounging in one of their frequented second homes, the Philippines and Barbados. View their work and some of their favorite GIFs here:

Our Design Witch: Autumn

We may be biased, but we think our graphic designer is a heroine of vectors and pixels. She created our sexy ampersand and rocks a red lip like no other. You can see all her smooth moves here: