What are y’all about?
We think bourbon and the state most of it is made in are some of the greatest things in America. Freedom, Kentucky, Bourbon Distilleries, Bourbon, Eagles. Those are our priorities and we want to help you celebrate them. We are passionate about the food and small business scene in the state as well, and part of all our experiences is to get you to places that you wouldn’t find on a Bourbon Trail map. 

What makes y’all so special?
How forward of you! We think we’re special because our parents told us so when they gave us all those participation trophies. But we've also spent a decade of our careers event planning, marketing and in the service industry. We don’t just want you to come to the bourbon country - we want you to leave feeling it in your bones. From our best restaurants to our favorite boutique shops, we want you to see more than mash bills here.


Why would I book M+G instead of just Uber’ing or ordering a car service?
Gosh, you’re really going for the hard hitting line of questioning aren’t ya? Fair enough! We're much more than a driving service; our offerings are extensive and totally customizable, and include research, tickets and bookings. Will a car company make sure you get reservations at one of the few restaurants actually open on a Sunday or Monday in Louisville? If you find them, let us know.

We’re not just drivers. We’re not just tour guides. We offer a suite of services that is developed just for you. This is America, so you have options. And we like to think we are a really great option. 

How do you determine your pricing?
We have a spreadsheet wizard that uses a crystal ball. He’s pretty expensive, but we love him. PS: it’s a combination of our time planning your trip + hard costs (cars, gas, supplies for your experiences).

How do we pay you?
It’s the 21st Century, so we only accept payment in the form of written checks. Just kidding. We accept PayPal or Venmo if we know each other like that. We can do per person invoices, couples’ invoices, one full invoice. Basically, we’ll send you whatever you need so that we can get our dollar bills. Except bitcoin. We don’t understand it and can’t use it at Liquor Barn, so that’d be where we draw the line. 


Who’s your biggest competitor?
Our girl Google. No, seriously! A huge part of our job is saving you time, but if you have that in abundance and want to plan and staff your own trip, the former executive assistants in us salute you. And if you need support, we'll still only be an email away. 

Bourbon country FAQ

What is this Bourbon Trail thing?
It is a collection of member distilleries in Kentucky. It is unique to Kentucky, with distilleries spread all across the state. There are urban bourbon stops in Louisville and a craft distillery component as well.

You can find more info on the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail® here:

What is a typical day on the Bourbon Trail like?
Depending on where you’re staying (Bardstown, Frankfort, Midway, Louisville or Lexington), you’ll usually eat a big breakfast and try to get two distillery tours in before lunch. After lunch, you’ll have room for one more distillery as most of them close at 4p or 5p. You can go to more distilleries in a day if you only want to stop in to shop in their stores. Most distillery tours are 45 - 60 minutes, and many include a 15 - 20 minute tasting.

When are the best times to visit the Bourbon Trail?
All months! All days! Okay, but technically things shut down in the heart of winter (January - February). Visiting in the summer will be hot because a) it’s hot in Kentucky and b) most distilleries are not climate controlled.

We like the summer because it’s a bit slower, as the Spring and Fall are the most popular times to be out on the trail. Monday through Friday you can almost always walk right in to a
distillery and get a tour, but the weekends require a lot of advance booking. 

What if I don’t like Bourbon?
We still got you! Trust us, we’ve been there. We’ve got amazing craft breweries, top mixologists, a wonderful Bourbon Tasting course we offer (lots of mixers on hand), a brandy distillery and some wineries! 

What if I don’t drink?
Have we mentioned our BBQ? Or our food? Or our secret spot for the best cookies? We can do a foodie-forward trip so you get a taste of Kentucky without the hangover.

How much should I budget for a weekend on the Bourbon Trail?
Distillery Tours are actually quite affordable! Most tours+tastings are between Free and $15. If you want advanced tastings and/or private tours, you’ll obviously have to pay more. You can fit 3 (maybe 4, but very tough and will require eating in the car instead of stopping for lunch!) distilleries into a day, so if you’re not purchasing any bourbon at these spots, you can spend anywhere from $10 to $45 on lunch. 

  • A typical dinner in Louisville (with a couple tipples, of course): $50/person
  • A typical night out at a bar in Louisville (we assume three rounds because, what are you, lazy?): $20 
  • Lyft in Louisville: If you’re staying within the 264 loop, it’s unlikely you’ll pay more than $10 for a Lyft
  • Lyft to and from the Louisville airport: $23 - $25